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Bowmore 1998-2013, 15yo, Refill Butt, 52.1% – The Whisky Agency

Sherried Bowmore from the nineties. I’m game! When this was released by The Whisky Agency in 2013, I immediately picked up a bottle. Based on previous experiences, and while they’re not guarantee for future success, I’m glad I took this … Continue reading

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Tomatin 1997-2014, 51% – The Whisky Agency / Liquid Library

When this came out I was planning a trip to Scotland with a couple of friends for the end of 2015. Also, Tomatin was suddenly widely available with some really good bottlings, so I decided to pick one up. What … Continue reading

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Irish Single Malt Whiskey, 1990-2017, 27yo, 51.3% – The Whisky Agency for The Whisky Exchange

I guess that’s the longest title I’ve ever used on my blog… Anyway, with the current popularity of Irish whiskeys from the late eighties to mid-nineties, it’s no surprise to see these popping up here and there. I also realize … Continue reading

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Just short of greatness

You know that feeling when you are tasting a very, very good whisky, but somehow it just doesn’t cross the magical 90-point threshold? You realize that you’re tasting whisky that’s way above average, but you can’t shake the feeling you … Continue reading

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Speyside Region 1973-2016, 43yo, 49.2% – The Whisky Agency

The series this whisky is in is called ‘Good Vibes’. Generally that quite correct as to what I’m getting when having a dram of 1970s whisky. The whisky was distilled at an undisclosed Speyside distillery, which generally means Glenfarclas, but … Continue reading

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Speyside Region, 1975-2016, 40yo, Fino Sherry Butt, 55% – The Whisky Agency (Good Vibes)

This bottle is from one of the more expensive bottle shares I did last year. Initially it was a bit painful (financially) that it didn’t sell out, but at this moment I am glad it didn’t. It’s not often anymore … Continue reading

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Irish Single Malt, 1988-2015, 26yo, 50.7% – The Perfect Dram

The Perfect Dram is a quite presumptiously named brand from The Whisky Agency. The experience is that it’s not necessarily untrue since they use some of their best casks, and The Whisky Agency itself is already a cracking bottler. This … Continue reading

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