A Tennessee Distillery 13, 2003-2017, 50.7% – The Whisky Agency

And now a complete rarity. An undisclosed Tennessee whiskey isn’t too rare, of course, but one bottled by The Whisky Agency, at a decent age, for the Taiwanese market is.

I got a sample of this from Whiskay.com and had to do some digging, since the stated ABV is slightly off (50% stated, but it is 50.7%). Anyway, it’s from a bottling series called ‘APXAΓΓEΛOΣ’, which I have no translation for. Neither does Google Translate, by the way.

I guess there are ways to find out what it all means, but I’m not entirely sure I care enough. Let’s keep it at ‘it’s a bit chaotic’. An American whisky, from a German bottler, with a Greek label for the Taiwanese market. Probably THE most international whisky ever.

Let’s just dive in, because there’s not much else to tell.

Image from Whiskay

Quite an impressive bourbon (tasted blind, so we’re going with bourbon for that) without being overly rich. Dry with corn husks, some grainy and grassy notes too. Brown sugar and spices too.

A bit of bite, not too much. There’s oak and golden syrup and spices. A bit of corns husk, grass and woody spices. I suck at identifying spices, but they weren’t the obvious baking spices, there was more too it.

The finish gets a little bit more dry, wiht more oak. It’s not overly long with the molasses and spices again. Brown sugar too.

Interestingly, it’s not rummy even though it has hints of molasses and golden syrup. Even the corn husks could be found in rum, and this is completely different. The spices really add a massive layer of depth and while there’s definitely oak, it’s not overpowering.

It’s like a solid bourbon, but done without the bitterness you normally get from an older one.


Now, on the hunt for a bottle…

Whiskay.com has samples available


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  1. cowfish says:

    Απ χ άγγελος, which is almost what it says on the label, is ‘from an angel’ according to Google translate, which sort of works 🙂

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