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Bunnahabhain 33, 1987-2021, 53.4% – Michiel Wigman, Prometheus

Yesterday, Michiel Wigman’s newest bottles came in. I didn’t buy this one, but I did get a sample of it. I’m simply not one to spend this kind of money on a single bottle. I have never done so, and … Continue reading

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Laphroaig 21, 1987-2009, Refill Hogshead DL 4855, 50% – Old Malt Cask

Even though this is an older Laphroaig in two ways, both well aged and from quite some years ago, my mate TvE shared it at a very acceptable price. I didn’t have to think for long to decide whether to … Continue reading

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Secret Highland 1987, 31yo, 49.6% – WhiskyNerds

The previous WhiskyNerds bottling was a cracking Caol Ila with a significant price tag. While the whisky was awesome, people had trouble shelling out like that, and I’ve seen the bottles discounted over the last year. The strange thing of … Continue reading

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Bunnahabhain 1987-2014, 26yo, Sherry butt, 49.8% – Berry Brothers and Rudd

In seven days I’ll be at Bunnahabhain Distillery, or maybe I’ve just left to go have lunch somewhere. We’ve planned the tour and warehouse tasting and I’m looking forward a lot. I’ve only ever been at the distillery without doing … Continue reading

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Bunnahabhain 1987-2015, 28yo, 55% – The Whisky Agency

In 2014 during the Blog Birthday Bash, Teun was kind enough to bring a bottle of 1987 Bunnahabhain. That was one of the more popular drams of the evening and my first encounter with what turns out to be a … Continue reading

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Armagnac bottle share: Saint Christeau from Distillerie Gilbert Miclo

So, while we’re at it, I was talking about getting interested in other boozes, like Armagnac and Sake. I have yet to get into the Sake shtick, but I am following through with that Armagnac bottle share. I know of a … Continue reading

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Glen Moray 25, 1987, Port Cask Finish, 43%

This Glen Moray from the ‘rare vintage collection’ was all the rage last year. It was suddenly available everywhere, and the distillery didn’t put all that much in marketing of it. Nonetheless it seems to be on everyone’s radar all … Continue reading

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Bunnahabhain 1987-2014, 51.3% – Liquid Art (The Osprey)

Another one of those freaky animal/insect mash ups on the label. This time it’s an osprey with a moth body. I wonder how much of the whisky they’ve had before they come up with this stuff… Bunnahabhain is a bit … Continue reading

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