Glen Keith 29, 1992-2021, First Fill Barrel 84255, 48.5% – Archives

Due to knowing some members of the inner circle at Whiskybase, I sometimes have the chance to taste Archives releases that are not meant for The Netherlands. This 29 year old Glen Keith was sent straight to Taiwan to be a single cask release there.

Glen Keith is a Speyside distillery that was closed for a couple of years some time ago, but before that, they churned out a lot of bourbon cask matured whisky, of which quite a lot has been bottled. What I generally associate their early nineties whisky with is a lot of cake like sweetness and heaps of vanilla. If you’re a regular reader of this here blog, you might know I’m not a huge fan of that style, so this kind of Glen Keith has not often found its way into my collection. Let’s see where this one ends up!

Image from Whiskybase

I expected some vanilla and it shows up right away. Very typical for Glen Keith. Also, I expected this to be a rather sweet whisky, and that is not the case. It’s quite dry, with a lot of chaff and straw. Some dried apples, and an fruity bitter note too. Green banana skins, grape seed.

The palate has similar notes to the palate, but adds quite some black pepper, as wel as chili pepper. Some apple cores, straw and chaff. It’s very dry, and a bit sharper than I expected.

The finish loses the sharpness, but is still very dry. More focused on barley, chaff, straw, and oak shavings. Not a very long finish either.

Not entirely unexpected, but it’s a rather straight forward whisky. The type of whisky is rather tasty, but there’s not a lot of complexity, and if you’ve ever had Glen Keith from the early nineties, there’s not too much to be surprised about either.

Yes, it’s a bit less sweet and a bit more dry, but it’s all within the bandwidth of what you know to expect. Having said that, it’s still a pretty tasty dram. It’s just not one that I freak out about. Apparently, I’m rather alone in that, based on the scores on Whiskybase.



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