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Ben Nevis 24, 1996-2021, Hogshead 1535, 51.5% – Single Malts of Scotland for Royal Mile Whiskies

Ooooooh! 1996 Ben Nevis! Yeah, it’s one of those reviews where you see a good distillery, with a good vintage, from a good bottler. You know you’re in for a treat. Then again, that raises the bar at the same … Continue reading

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A Speyside Distillery 12, 2008-2021, 48% – The Single Malts of Scotland

So, even though it’s not mentioned anywhere on the bottle, it’s pretty common knowledge that this is a Macallan. Or at least, that’s what everyone thinks and how it is marketed. Last year I went to pick up some stuff … Continue reading

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Clynelish 8, 2010/2011-2020, Parcel No. 2, 48% – Single Malts of Scotland Reserve Casks

For a few years, Single Malts of Scotland, from Elixir Distillers, have branched out a little bit and have started doing small batches of whiskies instead of single casks. This Clynelish is one that came out two years ago and … Continue reading

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Bowmore 17, 2003-2021, Barrel 81, 57.8% – The Single Malts of Scotland

Some distilleries have great years (Caperdonich 1972, BenRiach 1976, Port Ellen 1978, Clynelish 1995, and so on). However, very few distilleries have bad years. For example, Bowmore is pretty shit if it was distilled in the 1980s, generally. An overwhelming … Continue reading

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Springbank 24, 51.7% – Elixir, Art of Whisky

Another sample I got from Fiddler’s Advent Calendar, late last year. And one I got quite excited about. It’s not everyday you get to try new, old Springbank. 24 years old is something that goes for quite a bit of … Continue reading

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Ardmore 19, 1992-2011, Bourbon cask 9464, 49.3% – Single Malts of Scotland

Yup, another Ardmore. I love it. The fact that it’s a peated whisky that tastes different than the most famous peated whiskies from Islay, and that they don’t push the peat to the brink of the ashtray sits very well … Continue reading

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Two sherried Bowmores: Elements of Islay Bw7, The Four Isle Solera

When Ruben posted his review to The Four: Isle Solera by Woodwinters I knew I wanted some of that. And with Elements of Islay’s Bw7 for sale as well, a bottle share was quickly taking shape. I even shared two … Continue reading

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