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Springbank 24, 51.7% – Elixir, Art of Whisky

Another sample I got from Fiddler’s Advent Calendar, late last year. And one I got quite excited about. It’s not everyday you get to try new, old Springbank. 24 years old is something that goes for quite a bit of … Continue reading

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Ardmore 19, 1992-2011, Bourbon cask 9464, 49.3% – Single Malts of Scotland

Yup, another Ardmore. I love it. The fact that it’s a peated whisky that tastes different than the most famous peated whiskies from Islay, and that they don’t push the peat to the brink of the ashtray sits very well … Continue reading

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Two sherried Bowmores: Elements of Islay Bw7, The Four Isle Solera

When Ruben posted his review to The Four: Isle Solera by Woodwinters I knew I wanted some of that. And with Elements of Islay’s Bw7 for sale as well, a bottle share was quickly taking shape. I even shared two … Continue reading

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