Clynelish 8, 2010/2011-2020, Parcel No. 2, 48% – Single Malts of Scotland Reserve Casks

For a few years, Single Malts of Scotland, from Elixir Distillers, have branched out a little bit and have started doing small batches of whiskies instead of single casks. This Clynelish is one that came out two years ago and one I picked up immediately for a tasting.

Image from Whiskybase

Of course, Clynelish is an all time favorite of mine, and this one was quite affordable. Of course, not as affordable as the regular 14 years old, but not expensive by any means. On a side note, that standard 14 years old is getting more and more expensive too. Last year I got one for a tasting and had to shell out over 50 Euros for it.

Anyway, Clynelish from ‘Parcel No. 2’, let’s see where this one takes us!

There is a bit of vanilla, combined with a lot of lemon juice. Some candle wax, and lemon oil too. Crisp apples and dried barley.

The palate arrives gently, and brings an oily texture. There is a bit of barley sugar sweetness, and a touch of vanilla. Baked and fresh apples, and lots of lemon. Juice, rind, oil. The works. Some dried pineapple too.

The finish skips the apples and becomes full on lemon drizzle cake. Slightly waxy still, but only slightly.

With the rather typical waxiness of Clynelish, combined with flavors of lemon and apple, make for a very good dram. It lacks a bit of complexity, which isn’t too surprising for such a youngster. So, waxy, fruity, with quite some flavors to like.

I believe this was around € 60 when it came out, which is a very good price for whisky like this. Currently, in the secondary market it goes for around 100, which is pretty steep. A bit too much, actually.



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