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Glen Garioch 10, 2011-2022, Bourbon Cask, 53.4% – Michiel Wigman

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might have noticed that virtually all of Michiel Wigman’s whiskies have been reviewed here. I bet I missed some, and I do know I have some other spirits of his … Continue reading

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Glentauchers 2008-2021, Sherry cask, 52.3% – Michiel Wigman ‘They Inspired III’

Another second for Michiel Wigman, this time a Glentauchers. The previous one was a younger port cask, and this time it has a few more years, and a different maturation. Personally, I accept that there are tremendous Port casks available … Continue reading

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Secret Orkney 2007-2022, 50.8% – Michiel Wigman ‘They Inspired III’

In the 2022 series of They Inspired we find the second Secret Orkney bottling done by Michiel Wigman. Also, it is yet another Secret Orkney after several releases that have been done over the last couple of months by familiar … Continue reading

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Glentauchers 7, 2014-2021, Port Hogshead, 51.7% – Michiel Wigman

Now, this bit about the Port Hogshead is not on the internet, or on the label. However, the bottler himself told me in an email, so we’re going with that. A rather darkly colored Glentauchers, in line with quite a … Continue reading

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Secret Islay 2007-2021, 14yo, Monbazillac Cask, 51.7% – Michiel Wigman, They Inspired II

Just to clear some things up, Monbazillac is a French dessert wine, a sweet wine not unlike Sauternes or Muscat. As proven by Caol Ila’s Distiller’s Edition, this works quite well, generally. This Secret Islay is truly secret, Michiel Wigman … Continue reading

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Ardmore 1988-2021, 32yo, 48.6% – Michiel Wigman, They Inspired II

One of the brightest stars among the firmament of new bottlers that have popped up the last couple of years must be Michiel Wigman. He’s world famous in The Netherlands and some countries around it for having one of the … Continue reading

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Longmorn 15, 2005-2020, Butt 18074, 50.9% – Michiel Wigman

The sixth and final bottling of Michiel Wigman’s ‘They Inspired’ series is a 15 year old Longmorn. Initially this reminded me and some others of the black coloured Longmorn North Start Spirits bottled a while ago and that scared some … Continue reading

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Secret Orkney 1999-2019, 51.9% – Michiel Wigman

Michiel planned to do another two releases this year, and right after he emailed the participants that he couldn’t find casks of a high enough quality, these two popped up, so here they are. Or at least, here’s one of … Continue reading

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Teaninich 20, 1999-2019, 49.7% – Michiel Wigman

This was the first bottling I got that was done by Michiel Wigman. Mr. Springbank, the embodiment of Dutch Whisky Connection, to me at least. To see a Teaninich bottled was something of a surprise, since it’s not a distillery … Continue reading

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Secret Speyside 1993-2020, 47.7% – Michiel Wigman

The fourth (or third, depending on how you look at it) of Michiel Wigman’s own whisky bottlings. Anyway, it was part of the second batch of two whiskies. Another of these secret distilleries that are so popular currently, with every … Continue reading

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