Caperdonich 25, 1997-2022, Hogshead 30900, 56.2% – The Duchess

With a couple of rum releases that are coming up on this here blog soon, and now this Caperdonich, it seems that The Duchess is back at it in regard to bottling quality booze! I’m not sure if it was my wrong perception, but it seemed to quiet down from the Naarden bottler.

But now, all of a sudden, there’s this 25 year old single malt from a distillery that has been closed for 21 years. Quite a decent age, and it seems the whisky from this era of ‘Glen Grant 2’ is improving with time, since initially those Caperdonichs were not regarded with awe, a decade or so ago.

Image from Best of Wines

Of course, the label is done by Hans Dillesse once again, and this time the bottling has gone into the ‘Game & Wildlife Series’. The fifth whisky to go into this range, after a Bunnahabhain, Ailsa Bay, Ben Nevis and a Glenallachie.

There’s a maturity, even though it’s still a rather light whisky. Lots of white oak and some fruit. There’s some old pear, baked apple, a hint of banana too. Quite a ‘fruit pie’ sweetness, so tinned peaches too.

The palate isn’t overly sharp although there’s a bit of white pepper. Quite some dry oak shavings, and lots of fruit. Far more than on the nose, or slightly more fresh. Peach, pear, baked apples. Some baking spices too, but not too strong. Toasted oak, and some molasses like sweetness.

The finish is very classical with lots of oak, old white oak. Peach and apple and pear, some cinnamon and caramel. Fruit pie, with classical barley and oak notes.

I love how gentle this one has gotten in 25 years. Even though the alcohol percentage is still quite high, it arrives very smoothly and never really bites. It’s a complex whisky that has improved with age, to show lovely fruity notes on a rustic backdrop. I think rustic is a good word for this whisky. It never is modern in any way!


Available at Best of Wines (and some other shops) for € 500 (It’s a closed distillery, after all)

Thanks for the sample, Best of Wines!


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