Uitvlugt 27, 1993-2020, Refill Bourbon cask 5, 50.1% – The Duchess

A little while ago I got another awesome rum sample from Best of Wines, but I waited a little while to sit down for it and give it the attention it deserves.

It’s another one in The Duchess’ Hummingbird series with the awesome labels by Hans Dillesse. He’s been doing a lot of label work lately, also for ‘They Inspired’ by Michiel Wigman.

Anyway, Uitvlugt, a distillery from Guyana that uses a Port Mourant still. As it turns out that’s a wooden still that looks like what’s shown on the picture. I don’t have much experience with this kind of distillate, and would love to do head-to-heads between this and a copper pot still, just to see where the main differences are.

The experience I have had with a wooden still were with Lost Spirits weird and rather hideous whiskies. However, I do think they work better in warmer climates.

Slight hints of glue and molasses. Very complex with no one scent taking the lead. Leather, nutmeg and clove. Dried papaya.

Some heat from the alcohol, with a bitterness too. Fruity, sugary sweetness. Drief mango and papaya. Some baking spices, nutmeg and clove. Leathery, molasses.

The finish is a bit brighter, with an added hint of pink peppercorns, leather. A bit more funky.

I keep being surprised by the breadth of flavors in various rums. This one is no exception and does something quite different to other bottlings by The Duchess, let alone a random other distillery.

I love the combination of the peppercorns and the dried papaya, and I love it even more that it’s a complex dram with not one flavor or scent leading the way.

Highly recommended!


Thanks to Best of Wines for the sample! It’s still available there for € 240


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