French Brandy 28, 1993-2022, 47% – Michiel Wiman, Precious Moments

The Precious Moments series is one of many series that Michiel Wigman has running at the moment. At least, if some things turn out to be series. Anyway, ‘Precious Moments’ is and after last year’s (yet to be reviewed) Caroni, there now is a French Brandy.

Technically this would classify as a Cognac, except for the fact that it matured in England for a while and that disqualifies it from that category. So, French Brandy it is.

Image from Dutch Whisky Connection

Initially I was a bit shocked by the € 235 price tag for something that is not a Cognac, simply assuming it was some kind of a random find from a distillery in France not in a region that classifies as something. But, with the situation around the name cleared up, it makes a lot more sense.

After tasting it, it made even more sense…

A very rich and gentle nose with a typical Cognac/Armagnac fruitiness, but with a hint of peppermint in the background. Lots of wood, a some copper. Wild peach liqueur, lychees, banana.

The palate brings a bit of a peppery bite, with white and black pepper. Wild peaches, without the liqueur bit now. Other light tropical fruits like that, like lychees. Like on the nose, a bit of a banana-like sweetness.

The finish continues down the same line. I feel like there’s some other fruit in this mix, than just grapes. There’s a very different sweetness to it than I’m used to. The note of copper is back too.

I don’t feel like I’m doing this justice, but it’s absolutely gorgeous. Much better than many much older brandies. When trying this I wasn’t aware of the Cognac categorization and that sent me in the wrong direction. However, in the end it’s a very interesting things that defies most typical categories.

It’s a more rich and complex than I’m used to from regularly available Cognacs. It’s also far more elegant and gentle than most Armagnacs. It is way more in line with the current wave of single cask Cognacs that have been coming out for the last couple of years, which makes sense because this is one too.

The light fruitiness, the layered richness with more crisp hints to keep it from becoming too heavy, it all works. This is a very, very good drink indeed!


Available here for € 235


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