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Three Gins from Saint George Spirits

I should post this tomorrow, since it would be ten years to the day since I got myself these three little gins. But I won’t. So, ALMOST a decade ago I was vacationing in the USA and we decided to … Continue reading

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Kaszebe 2011, 40%, Vestal Vodka. Experimental batch.

Apparently, making some of the most kick-ass vodka I’ve ever tasted is not good enough for the guys at Vestal Vodka. In the last pack of samples was an experimental one that was bottle aged with flakes of several kinds … Continue reading

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Kaszebe 2009, 40%, Vestal Vodka

Around Christmas William Borrell from Vestal Vodka contacted me again to see if I was willing to receive another two samples of his product. While I found the first ones stunning, I didn’t have to think very long or hard … Continue reading

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