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Is bourbon being de-premiumized?

This will be me just voicing my worries about the bourbon industry. A while ago I read on Sku’s Recent Eats that Elijah Craig no longer has the big ’12’ on the front label. It has moved to the back label … Continue reading

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Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, 134.2 proof

134.2 proof in the USA boils down to 67.1% abv. The Americans like to keep things simple, which is most likely why they moved away from the old Imperial Proof still occassionally used in England. The Americans just double their … Continue reading

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A new Bottle-share!

A new bottle share of American whiskies, to be precise. Over the last couple of weeks Master of Malt have been stocking up on choice American Spirits that I really would like to taste. I can only imagine this thought … Continue reading

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