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Balcones 4, 2017-2021, American Oak Barrel 16993, 63.6% – Archives

It’s not often that a four year old whisky scores richly above 88 points on Whiskybase, but this one does. It’s 28 votes, so not the most in the world, but not insignificant either. This Texas single malt whisky was … Continue reading

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Balcones Single Malt, 53%

Apart from the Rumble I also found a sizable sample of their Single Malt. I have no idea how their batch numbers work, but this one states “Sm12-10/2012-12-13”. This could mean several things, depending on whether the 12-10 means December … Continue reading


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Balcones Rumble, 47%

By going through my samples last week or so, I found some tiny vials of golden liquid that I had completely forgotten about. This Balcones Rumble was one of them, which is a shame. Not only because there might be … Continue reading

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Balcones True Blue TB-12-6, 58%

I’ve tried Balcones’ True Blue whiskey before, about 2 years ago. Back then I wasn’t thrilled but at least it was better than the Baby Blue. I don’t think the sample has been finished and it might just be sitting … Continue reading

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Balcones Brimstone

Another Balcones. A very rare brand of booze indeed. I think the only places to get it in Europe are The Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt. I tasted their True Blue and Baby Blue before. I didn’t really enjoy … Continue reading

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2 Balcones whiskies

Balcones is a small distillery in Waco, Texas. It is the only distillery in Texas, which feels a bit weird for such a large state. Its also believed to be the only distillery distilling a blue corn mash. Unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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