A Speyside Distillery 16, 2006-2022, Sherry finish, 52.1% – Thompson Brothers

With the Thompson Brothers opening up a bottle shop in Dornoch, I am really hoping things pan out and I am able to visit the place at the end of October. A small trip to that part of Scotland is in the works. Quality beers and a bottle of whisky sounds like a good idea. Then again, when does it not?!

Anyway, with a recent batch of Thompson Brothers bottlings arriving in The Netherlands, some shares were done by me and Rowald, and I got a sample of this one. Supposedly, this is a Glen Elgin, but it doesn’t say on the label.

The whisky matured in a refill hogshead, with 2 years in a sherry cask after that.

Image from Whiskybase

It’s very fruity, but in a very strange way. Dried lime, papaya and prickly pears. On a bed of straw, because it still is (supposedly) Glen Elgin. After a while it gets a bit of a whiff of a funky note of soil and wet laundry.

The palate is pretty strong, and sharper than I expected with 16 years of aging. Dried lime, some chemical version of lime as well. Like some cleaning product. It’s surprisingly heavy, for a dram that has a lime forward flavor profile like this.

The finish goes back to the artificial lemon flavor, but it less heavy than the nose was. It’s not entirely unlike washing up liquid. With straw, some barley and a whiff of oak.

There’s a note in there that I cannot pinpoint, nor do I like it. It’s a strange combination of lime and heavier, feinty things. It makes me think of dirty dishwashing water. And that’s not something I enjoy drinking all that much. The fruity notes in the beginning were nice though.

With me just having a sample, I figured I might need to sit down with this a second time. Luckily, the sample was 6cl and I could go for seconds a week or so later. Unfortunately, the whisky didn’t improve. On the contrary.

A lot of the fruity notes had diminished and the strange acidity had become more prominent. I didn’t like this one at all.



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