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Inchmurrin 1996-2018, 51% – Malts of Scotland

I was just checking, but I’ve not reviewed an Inchmurrin since the triptych from the Whisky Nerds came out last year. I’ve had some in between and even guessed on right in a blind tasting I was at, a few … Continue reading

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Heaven Hill 2001-2016, Islay Cask Finish, 53.8% – Malts of Scotland

Malts of Scotland have released quite a few Heaven Hills over the last couple of years. I know there was a sherry cask finish, a regular one and this Islay cask finish. I think there also was a port finished … Continue reading

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More bottle shares

The whisky season is hitting the ground running with some really interesting releases. Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t want to try a lot of them, so there’s about to be a lot of bottle shares happening … Continue reading

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Blind Tasting Competition day 18: Auchentoshan 1998-2014, 16yo, 59.1% – Malts of Scotland

Today is a weird day. It’s the last day of the competition and I’m sucking every step of the way. My highest score is 50 points, which was for a whisky of which I had the region right and was … Continue reading

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Blind Tasting Competition Day 7: Ailsa Bay 3yo, 68.3% – Malts of Scotland

Malts of Scotland released this whisky last year and I wanted to get it, but somehow didn’t. It went rather quickly when it came out that this ‘Images of Ayrshire – Dalrymple Bridge’ turned out to be Ailsa Bay. As … Continue reading

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Images of Bartstown, 53.2% – Malts of Scotland

Images of Bartstown is a bourbon whiskey from Malts of Scotland. What’s weird is that it’s neither a malt, nor is it from Scotland. Also, Bartstown should be Bardstown, so there’s a typo there. Since they’ve also released a whole … Continue reading

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Highland Park 1986, 25 years old, 54.1% – Malts of Scotland Amazing Casks

This is bound to be a good one for multiple reasons. First, it’s a Highland Park. Second, it’s from Malts of Scotland AND they’re calling it an Amazing Cask. Third, it’s 25 years old, which seems to be a rather … Continue reading

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