Images of Mull, Glengorm Castle, 53.2% – Malts of Scotland

Generally, the ‘Images of …’ series leaves something to be guessed. Mostly whisky distillery it is, but also, sometimes which typo they’re going to make this time.

In the case of ‘Images of Mull’, the guessing is down to whether or not the whisky is going to be peated. There’s just one distillery with two different brands, after all.

The distillery is, of course, Tobermory, with it also being one of the brands. The other brand is the peated version of the whisky from Tobermory called Ledaig.

Image from Whiskybase

Ledaig has become an interesting brand over the last years. About a decade ago there were some old, good ones, and a lot of very young, but pretty bad ones. Let’s just keep it at ‘I wasn’t a fan of the brand’.

Let’s see what this one is about then, and whether or not that peaty tang is present here!

It starts with some grassy notes, and briny smoke too. Quite some salinity. Soot, hay and marram grass. Very coastal indeed. After a few minutes there are some scents of sandy beaches and white grapes too.

The palate is pretty intense. Lots of coastal notes with briny, salt and marram grass. The peat is rather campfire-y with hints of oak, coconut husks. Red chilis and white pepper for a bit of heat. White grapes again, too.

The finish is very long, which is a very nice thing with these hints of peat and brine. Very coastal again, and the clean notes of grass are there too. Hay, grass, beaches.

It’s very typical dram of Ledaig. I always find it interesting how it’s such a lowlands style whisky, with a massive dollop of peat on top of it. In that way, it’s reminiscent of Ardbeg.

What is also good is that there are this kind of whiskies available at very reasonable prices. In this case, a bottle will set you back some € 60, or less if you’re in Belgium or Germany.



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