Glenlivet 26, 1977, 52.9% – Kingsbury

It’s not often you come across a bottle of anything from Kingsbury. It being a bottler from Japan, and such. And it becomes even more rare when it’s such an old Glenlivet. This 26 year old whisky must, logically, have been bottled in 2003 or 2004, which makes it even more rare.

Image from Whiskybase

I got a sample from FB (Yes, sometimes I do remember where I get a sample from!) and tasted it a little while ago.

With this being a Glenlivet and an older bottling, I expect a lot of maturity, and a rather gentle profile. Slightly barley driven, with quite a lot of oak influence, resulting in some nice and fruity flavors. Let’s see if my expectations make any sense.

The nose starts with a focus on hay, barley and honey. Some chalky notes too. Dry oak with a tiny hint of glue, pine cones and resin.

The palate is very dry with oak shavings, black pepper and pine cones. Some heather honey, heather and apple cores.

The finish shows more apple, honey and beeswax. Rather dry with quite some oak.

Well, I dare say this is a more Highlands-whisky-like Glenlivet than I expected. Some notes of barley and quite some oak, but otherwise it is far more waxy than I figured.

But, to be fair, it makes for a more interesting drink too. I love these resin and wax notes, and although it’s not an overly complex whisky, it is a very good one!



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  1. FB says:

    Glad you liked it 😉

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