Images of Bartstown, 53.2% – Malts of Scotland

Images of Bartstown is a bourbon whiskey from Malts of Scotland. What’s weird is that it’s neither a malt, nor is it from Scotland. Also, Bartstown should be Bardstown, so there’s a typo there.

Since they’ve also released a whole bunch of Heaven Hill whiskeys in the same period, it stands to chance that this is another Heaven Hill whiskey. It’s not said on the bottle, nor is it said at what age it was bottled or which vintage it is.

While those ‘Images of’ series supposedly are very good, I do regret they don’t put more information on the label. Especially with independent bottlers I think it’s a shame they also fall for the no-info-pitfall and hope customers buy their whisky regardless.

I said ‘supposedly’, because I’ve not tried many of them. I keep planning to do a bottle-share with Malts of Scotland whiskies again, but something always comes up.

Anyway, Images of Bartstown.

Image from Whiskybase

Image from Whiskybase

The nose of this bourbon is classic bourbon, albeit quite a bit stronger. It’s very rich and full with hints of oak, caramel and corn syrup. I also get some autumn leaves and a hint of mint. Cigars in the background.

On the palate I find caramel and vanilla. Also the oak and the mint, with popcorn and the autumn leaves again. Some chili heat with spices (high rye bourbon?) and a touch of charcoal.

The finish has burnt oak with corn and mint. It’s rich and long.

Initially I wasn’t overjoyed as it turned out to be a rather straight forward bourbon without many flavors or scents to set it apart from anything else. Then the autumnal flavors set in and I changed my mind.

I love the combination of fallen leaves, cigars and mint. On the palate the added rye spices, popcorn and charcoal work really, really well.

I think this is a young bourbon, so the oak is never overly strong and it could do with a bit more depth. Although, with this bottle only costing € 50, I think the price is right for it. I just might try to remember it when ordering next…

Images of Bartstown, 53.2%, 278 bottles, Malts of Scotland. Available for € 49.95 at Van Zuylen

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