Mackmyra Twitter Tasting 2013

The Mackmyra Twitter events seem to become an annual thing with a Twitter Tasting happening in 2011, 2012 and most recently in January.

It’s already been a month since all this happened, but for some reason I have not gotten around to writing this rather sizeable blogpost. Finally, I am making time for it, so here it goes.

The event was postponed from autumn 2012, which in retrospect, turned out to be a good things with my kid being born then and such. We tasted 5 blind samples from Mackmyra and, if the previous tasting was any indication, Angela d’Orazio doesn’t limit herself to sending only samples of available bottlings. Cask samples, to be released stuff and what not has been tasted before.

Special 09 - Vildhallon

Special 09 – Vildhallon, Wild Raspberry Wine finish, 46.1%
This first dram has an appealing nose of nuts, vanilla and very bourbonny corn scents. The wood influence is clear too, but not overpowering. A bit later I get candy bananas (so that’s banana flavour flavour, not banana flavour) and peardrops. Definetly sweet. The bourbon notes are very appealing to me. The palate was rather hot and less woody than expected. The spirit shines through nicely. Slightly tangy with caramel, bourbon, vanille and old red apples. The palate turns a bit bitter at the end, and goes into a finish of wood, almonds and a fast fading candy sweetness. If I let it sit for a while it gets more autumnal with tobacco and rotting leaves. Forest floor and such.

Moment KallaMoment Källa – 53.4%
The nose starts off with hints of aceton. It’s a lot more spirity and has some musky notes. Wet leaves and hay. Also red fruits and charcoal. On the palate there is a spiciness of hot chili peppers and fruit. Mixed red fruits from the freezer. It gets more jammy with water, into fruit cake and forest fruit jam. Pepper, fruity and sweet, with plums. The alcohol is still rather pronounced. The finish is great with spices, fruits and some oomph. It has hints of wood, but never a lot.

Moment GlodMoment Glöd – 51.2%
KABOOM! Some serious sensory overload, in a good way. Corsican myrthe bushes, licorice, wood smoke, Indonesian fried bananas, all with barbecue sauce. Very different to the previous two! Pulled pork glazing, greasy with quite some alcohol behind it. Spices, pepper marinade. Simply amazing. The finish is almost infinite. The barbecue notes get stronger and it reminds me of the fifth whisky of the previous Mackmyra Twitter Tasting. I find this style of whisky very appealing, just as I like the Balcones Brimstone. This feels like the European version. Ridiculously delicious.

Moment SkogMoment Skog – 52.4%
This one smells the most mature of the bunch. There’s quite some gentle wood influence. Barley and some sweet spices. Very ‘straight forward’, whisky-wise. There’s more vanilla as some of the alcohol airs off. Mostly barley, burnt sugar and quite some alcohol on the nose still. Very reminiscent of Scotch whisky. The palate is rather sharp, with bitter peach stones, barley, bread crust and wood. And then vanilla. And then more vanilla.

The only issue with this one is that I find it very Scotch-like. While that doesn’t make the whisky less interesting, it does make it less typical of Sweden. And since Mackmyra isn’t too cheap, I wouldn’t go for this one anytime soon.

BeeBee – Honey Whisky Liqueur, 22%
Weird. There’s a tingling in my nose like this is carbonated, which it is not of course. It’s definetly not whisky, that much is clear right away. Cassis, berries, candy sweetness. Also hints of iced tea and the sweetness of wood without the bitterness. It’s very different than any whisky liqueur I’ve ever tried, whether from the USA, Scotland or Ireland. Not bad, but not my cup of tea either.

I knew right away that number three, the barbecue dram was my favourite of the bunch. For second place I’m not so sure, since I liked all the other whiskies quite a lot.

Unfortunately, this kind of stuff rarely is available outside of Sweden, even though these are all bottled whiskies instead of cask samples. Usually, when they do get out of their native environment, prices soar to about € 125 or thereabout.

But anyway, my sincere thanks go out to Angela d’Orazio and Colin Campbell for hosting this truly global Twitter event. Participants came from Canada to Taiwan and everywhere in between. Incredible to pull off and it was a success!


About Sjoerd de Haan-Kramer

I'm a web developer at Emakina. I'm highly interested in booze, with a focus on whisk(e)y. I like to listen to loads of music and read quite some books. I'm married to Anneke, have a daughter Ot, a son Moos and a cat called Kikker (which means Frog, in Dutch). I live in Krommenie, The Netherlands.
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5 Responses to Mackmyra Twitter Tasting 2013

  1. Well yea. Loved #3 too.
    Too bad the price Is steep outside SW

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