Bushmills Black Bush

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Since the entire planet seems to celebrate this Irish holiday, what better opportunity to have a Bushmills? Or maybe opportunity should be replaced by excuse. Anyway, like I need an excuse for booze.

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated by all ages.

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated by all ages.

Black Bush is 80 percent malt whisky and 20 percent other stuff. On their website it doesn’t say if it’s grain or Irish pot still or so. A combination of Oloroso butts and bourbon barrels is used for maturation up to seven years. Not too old, but who needs age if the booze is good, right?

Bushmills Black Bush

Bushmills Black Bush

Sweet grain and sherry influence. The sherry manifests as fruit and a dry nuttiness. The wood influence is there but in the background. Caramel, honey and fudge scents too. Rather light, and just a tad dry. Very gentle indeed!

After a few minutes it becomes more honeyed even and goes in the direction of Drambuie and other liqueurs. I can see this convincing non-whiskey drinkers to the faith as well!

Sweet and gentle with a tiny peppery tingle in your cheek. It gets a bit more bite, but only a little bit. A fruity and honeyed sweetness, very much like fruit pastry with a honey glaze on it. Peach and tinned peach flavours too, to be more precise on the fruity bit.

The finish isn’t too long but tasty with more sweetness and bite. The honey and tinned peach flavours remain. The finish goes a bit pithy, a bit dry. Not bad and it gives it a bit more depth.

For a bottle that doesn’t even set you back € 30 for a liter, this is damn tasty. They promote it as a mixer in cocktails and I can see that working too, if you’re going for a rather sweet cocktail.

It’s available almost everywhere, but my link goes to Master of Malt. As a thank for using their images, for example.

Black Bush, Bushmills OB, 40%, € 25.09 for 0.7l.

Thanks to Gert-Jan for the sample and Johanna McInnis for the idea of massive bloggery.

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