Glen Ord distillery

In a way, we also visited Glen Ord distillery during our recent travels in Scotland. It was the closest to our cottage near Abriachan. I said ‘in a way’ since we didn’t really go inside as our wee daughter wasn’t allowed on the tour.

Our cottage near Abriachan

Our cottage near Abriachan

At Glen Ord there is a rather nice exhibition and tasting room however, so we had a stroll around there and tasted a few of their drams. You don’t see Glen Ord often, and especially not their official release in the Singleton range. They are hugely popular in parts of Asia (Singapore I believe) and ship almost everything they distill there.

The distillery has their own industrial maltings on site but most of their malt is used locally and not that much is shipped to other distilleries. The maltings are the first thing you see when you drive on to the premises and it is a rather ugly industrial complex. A very strange offset for the picturesque warehouses and such. The visitor center is located in these old buildings and by the looks of it it used to be the old maltings and some dunnage storage.

Glen Ord Distillery

Glen Ord Distillery

Singleton of Glen Ord 12
Very malty with light hints of vanilla. A touch of pepper and wood, but all in all the nose is rather thin. The palate has a bitter touch with orange, pepper, vanilla and barley. The finish is richer than expected with dry hints of orange.

Singleton of Glen Ord 15
It picks up where the 12 year old left off. The dried fruit is much more present with raisins. The maltiness is more bread-like now. Bitter orange, wood and tea fill the palate and the finish has some dark chocolate, koffie and bay leaf.

Ot at Glen Ord

Ot at Glen Ord

Singleton of Glen Ord 18
This was officially not released yet but they had a bottle under the counter. Yay for arriving on a quiet Sunday and people that feel sorry for not allowing you on the tour! This one is more smooth on the nose, with a lighter sweetness, some tannins and licorice root. The palate has that bitter touch again with orange peel, ginger and a more mature feel to it. The finish has licorice root again, with bitter coffee and dried fruits.

All of their releases are easily drinkable, but none are too special. I liked being able to taste the 18 year old and I enjoyed that one most. A lovely place with lovely folk, and rather close to Inverness which probably helps them in the tourist part.

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