Glen Ord 16, 48.4% – Douglas Laing’s Old Particular

Or, Old Perpendicular according to The Whisky Sponge. I tried to do some research into old and new perpendicularity, but I couldn’t find much differences. I had to give up at some point so there’s no actual result there.

What I did find is the big difference between perpendicular and not perpendicular:

Not perpendicular at all

Not perpendicular at all



The third whisky of the evening was the signal that we were halfway. Normally a Twitter Tasting of four whiskies lasts about an hour or so. We were already an hour in and I think that signals how thrilled people were thusfar. I have to admit, this was turning out to be quite a nice event!

Glen Ord 16. Old Particular

Glen Ord 16. Old Particular

Cheese, the yellow Dutch kind. A bit spirity in a way that you get some distillery character, not as in a lack of maturation. The crust from cheese to be more specific about that. Some basalt or slate, a hint of diesel. Rather earthy, with moldy walnut, barley and banana.

Dusty, chalky. Also sweet with some vanilla, slightly bitter in a fruity way. Pretty rich with liquorice, lychee and soot.

Oak and green fruit, with a gin-like spiritiness. Some feinty machine oil.

It turned out to be a Glen Ord whisky, at 16 years old and again bottled at 48.4%. This, I admitted right away is the most full and complex Glen Ord I’ve ever tried. Mostly when you get Glen Ord, if you ever do so, you find not so interesting whiskies that have a fairly simple combination of flavours. There aren’t many independent bottlings out there since not many people find the distillery that interesting. That is, if stuff like this comes out more often, it would be nice!

I like the combination of gin-like spiritiness, feinty diesel and light fruitiness of apples. For some reason that’s a great pack of flavours. I don’t have a clue what the price is going to be, but I expect it to be somewhere around € 80.

Glen Ord 16, 48.4%, Douglas Laing’s Old Particular

Again, thanks to Steve Rush and Douglas Laing for the samples and the tasting!


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