Foamy bananas dipped in cayenne pepper, Mortlach, 15yo, 55.8% – SMWS

I think it will be an increasing set of ridiculously named posts, this coming few days. This one doesn’t ring any bells and I guess after rereading my tasting it notes that will not change all that much.

I didn’t know the number of this distillery (76) but after tasting it I guessed it was Mortlach and that was correct. This is a shortcut to my thoughts about this whisky, since I generally really enjoy Mortlach when it tastes like Mortlach.

While Mortlach generally makes up a large chunk in Johnny Walker Blue Label, I didn’t like that blend quite as much as I had hoped. I certainly don’t like ALL Mortlach, but the sherry matured ones are generally pretty good.

Mortlach 15 by the SMWS. Image from Whiskybase

Mortlach 15 by the SMWS. Image from Whiskybase

Nuts and leather but apart from that it’s fairly closed at the start. It does get more spicy when I let it open up, with old sherry notes and wood, but also a bit of moldy mushrooms.

It goes a bit sweeter here with allspice and the warmth that comes with it. Gentle and stewed fruits. Pepper and alcohol too, but later. It has a light tingle too it as well, and some tropical dried fruits. Some oak too.

The finish goes back to that mushroomy bit, but all in a good way. Dry, spicy and leather. It has a more aged feel to it that 15 years makes you expect.

I really can’t place those bananas and cayenne pepper. I do have a bit of a peppery flavour that I detected on the palate, but not in a way that I would name the whisky for it. The moldy, mushroom like scent and finish are a bit odd but tasty the way some really old sherry casks can taste. Tasty stuff, albeit a bit inconsistent with the much sweeter palate in between the similar nose and finish.

Foamy bananas dipped in cayenne pepper (76.78), Mortlach, 15yo, 55.8%, 1995-2010, Refill Sherry Butt, Scotch Malt Whisky Society

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