Barley Sugars rolled in Ash, Glenturret, 22yo, 51.6% – SMWS

Glenturret is not a distillery I’m overly familiar with. That is one of the fun things about the SMWS. You get to taste all kinds of off the beaten path distilleries like Glenturret, Scapa and Mortlach as well as Bowmore and Glenfarclas.

Anyway, things rolled in ash gives me a rather smoky affiliation but I’m not sure Glenturret ever produced peated whisky. Let’s just get in, right?

Glenturret 22 by the SMWS. Image from Whiskybase

Glenturret 22 by the SMWS. Image from Whiskybase

Rather gin like with wood and barley. Very crisp but also quite some stewed fruits, strawberry. Shoe polish too. A very strange but very delicious combination. Light and spicy with some allspice, and speculaas.

It starts building flavour right away with a great mix of allspice, fruit and wood. It stays fresh in spite of the rather heavy description. Lime, wood, vanilla, caramel. Also some walnuts and slightly spicy.

The finish continues the same way but adds the strawberry again. Long and spicy with the lime again.

A delicious whisky, with some strange flavours I didn’t expect. The combination of all this makes for a weird mix, but it’s very tasty. It proves again that aged Glenturret can be very great and something to be on the look-out for! I guess the combination of sherry and American oak is responsible for the unexpected combinations.

I don’t know where they get their names, but it doesn’t make sense to me. It’s a fun aspect but I think sometimes they go for the artistic instead of the apt.

Barley Sugars rolled in Ash (16.30), Glenturret, 22yo, 51.6%, 1988-2011, Refill Sherry Hogshead, Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

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