Medieval Banquet, Glenugie, 30yo, 46.7% – SMWS

Another SMWS review? Yes, and another one of which I own a bottle instead of just having a sample lying around on a shelf. With yesterday’s Tullibardine I don’t really care about owning the bottle, although the whisky itself is good enough for tasting on any night. Today’s whisky, a dram from the closed, demolished and quite rare Glenugie, that sentiment is different.

Glenugie was a distillery in Peterhead, near Aberdeen. It failed in 1983 with many other distilleries but contrary to some others that went bust during that era, this one is mostly blended away with only a few bottles popping up every now and then.

This bottle from the SMWS came around two years ago and it could only be ordered from a certain date, by phone. I waited around before going to work on that day so I would be the first on the phone, at 9.59 AM with it going on sale at 10 AM. It sold out in minutes here in The Netherlands, and there were only 12 to go around.

Medieval Banquet by the SMWS

Medieval Banquet by the SMWS

You smell the age right away. Not that it’s gone tired or anything. It’s just wafting libraries, books, leather and arm chairs. It’s quite fruity as well with tropical hints of peach, mango and papaya. Some raisins, cedar wood and dried mint too. Definetly cigar boxes.

Although it’s 30 years old and only 46.7%, it’s still a tad sharp with bitter hints of wood and quite some pink peppercorns. The tropical fruit and cigar boxes are back in full swing too. I also get hints of coffee and slightly burnt toast.

The finish is very rich and big. Cigar boxes again, cedar wood. Mango and papaya with old books. It’s not very long, but as long as it lasts, it’s great!

While this may not be the best Glenugie ever, it certainly showcases why I love this former distillery so much. All of their whisky so far has tasted great with this not being the least among them. An absolutely gorgeous dram, if you ask me!

Medieval Banquet, Glenugie, 30yo, 46.7%, 1980-2011, Refill Sherry Butt, Scotch Malt Whisky Society. It used to cost about € 140.

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