Longrow Red, 11yo, Australian Shiraz Cask, 53.7%

While we thought we finished the tasting with a couple of cracking drams, there came out another bottle to supplement them all. Well, we didn’t finish the tasting with some cracking drams, the entire tasting consisted of it. Maybe apart from the first two, but we’ll see that in a review somewhere during the weekend.

De Whiskykoning pulled this one out as he just got it in and we could try it if we liked. At the moment of tasting we didn’t know what he poured, but one of the guys at the tasting randomly commented ‘It tastes like a Longrow or something’. He was right. Kudos!

I don’t think we can actually say this whisky is finished in a wine cask since it spent 5 out of 11 years in it. This is what we should call Double Maturation I guess.

Longrow Red, 11 year old. Double Matured in an Australian Shiraz Cask

Longrow Red, 11 year old. Double Matured in an Australian Shiraz Cask

The wine is clear from the get go. The peat is too. Usually this combination works very well, if the wine used is red. It is. It’s rather full on the nose with the oak making it a rather complete appearance too.

Where the nose was quite full and rich, it kind of falls short here. It all feels a bit thin and watery. The flavours are very simple, with some salty peat smoke and wine, as well as oak.

A very short finish. Maybe it’s because we tasted this after these really big sherried drams, but it just doesn’t cut it.

A nice surprise and my first experience with Longrow Red. I never tasted last year’s version. While I was kind of enthused by the concept, I’m going to pass this one and save my money for a nicer dram. A lot of other people at the tasting liked it quite a bit, but it’s not for me.

Longrow Red, 11yo, Australian Shiraz Cask, 53.7%


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5 Responses to Longrow Red, 11yo, Australian Shiraz Cask, 53.7%

  1. I´m very happy I´ve tried it but the wine influence is too much. There are nicer Longrows out there to be tasted! For example Rundlets & Kilderkins if you can get a sample of that!

  2. Gal Granov says:

    tried it a while ago. it was too metallic for me. not the best LR finished.
    I do prefer the GAJA BARROLO to this. much more

    • I still have a bottle of that stashed away somewhere at home. Lovely stuff. One of my favorite Longrows, along with the 18 year old. And possibly some from decades ago, but I would have to taste those…

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