Uberach W.L.P 10th edition 2013 46,7% – Distillerie Bertrand

This is truly something rare. The final dram in the French Whisky Twitter Tasting was by far the darkest so a massive sherry bomb was expected.

The WLP edition, which stands for Whisky Live Paris is a vatting of left overs from casks 101, 102, 103 and 105 bottled during the past four editions of the festival. The 2013 edition is what they released this year, and very recently.

The Bertrand distillery is a place that mainly produces eau de vies and liqueus. Their website doesn’t even show the whisky on their products page. I guess this means we’re truly on a level of rarity very seldom seen. I feel all the more grateful for being included in the tasting!

Uberach whisky from Distillerie Bertrand. The Whisky Live Paris 2013 edition

Uberach whisky from Distillerie Bertrand. The Whisky Live Paris 2013 edition

Pencils at first, with a massive sherried smack in the face. There’s a lot of oak and raisin stems. Rather bitter stuff actually, with a plum like sweetness and chocolate. Jim Murray wouldn’t be able to say something good about this since there is quite a bit of sulphur.

Not sulphur like boiled vegetables or rotten eggs but more in a struck match kind of way. I like it when it’s done like this. The other kinds are not something I can palate.

On the palate this whisky is thick and sweet, with a slightly bitter oaky dryness in the back of your throat. It’s gentle but a chili heat is building up as you let it swim. Cough syrup, the sherry, pencil shavings, plums and raisins.

Here the struck match is back again. Bitter chocolate too, raisins, raisin stems and dried prunes. Overly sweet but still interesting. The finish is long and luscious.

Here’s the catch and why this is not my favourite whisky of the evening: I think if you would buy a bottle of this you either drink it very quickly or let it go to waste. This kind of whisky scores highly at most tastings but I always think it will get a bit boring after the fifth glass. There’s a lot happening on the surface, but if you scratch below you discover little depth.

Having said that, it’s absolutely gorgeous. I would love to own a bottle and surprise people at tastings with stuff like this. The struck match sulphur notes are quite stunning and I love it all the more for it. I certainly never expected to say something like that!

Uberach W.L.P 10th edition 2013 46,7%, Distillerie Bertrand. It cost € 60 at the festival for 50cl.

Again a lot of thanks to Franck for organizing this. I feel honoured!


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