Clynelish 17 Year Old, Manager’s Dram, 61.8%

This dram is legendary before I even tasted it. I don’t think anyone has tasted this without being blown away, and I am not necessarily talking about its intensity.

Anyway, the fourth dram in my Fiddler’s adventure. It’s turning out to be a good adventure with many favourite distilleries coming along to enjoy me. Lagavulin, a Brora, Highland Park (albeit not the best one ever), and a Clynelish.

This manager’s dram was reviewed by Serge Valentin and it came down to 92 points. 61.8% is nothing to be ashamed of and it indicates that this one might swim well. Mister Beach warned me that there was not enough water in the world to water this one down. I doubt it’s that severe but after tasting it I get the gist.

Clynelish Manager's Dram

Clynelish Manager’s Dram

A surprising whiff of peat (suprising after knowing which one it is). Not much of course. It does need a couple of minutes to breathe and open up (what do you expect at this ABV). Quite salty as well, with a hint of medicinality. Sweet, with some waxy, fatty sherry hints.

It’s full and sweet on the palate, much less salty and medicinal. Sharp, dry and lots of oak and caramel. Slightly thick too.

On the finish I get honey, beeswax and oak. It lasts for a long time

Yes, this does take water well. Yes, this is a ridiculously intense dram. Yes, this is quintessential Clynelish. Yes, this is still available, at £ 499 at The Whisky Exchange.

Anyway, the nose of it sent me towards Lagavulin and I started doubting whether or not the previous one was guessed right. However, on the palate and finish the honeyed waxiness indicated Clynelish without a doubt.

Clynelish 17 Year Old, Manager’s Dram, 61.8%, £ 499 at The Whisky Exchange


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