Port Ellen, Pe1, 58.7% – Elements of Islay

While there is no official statement saying which Elements of Islay bottlings is which, this line of bottles from The Whisky Exchange‘s Specialty Drinks Ltd. leaves little to the imagination. The toughest one to guess has been the Pc range but as you consider the options for about a second or three, you’ll figure it out as well.

The wee (they’re only 0.5l) bottles are nice looking and the chemical label is actually something I’m really fond of. Although a design agency probably had something to do with it, it feels a bit like they just winged it and not too much money is going to things that aren’t booze.

Anyway, the Pe1 is the first release and came out in 2009. Since then there have been a couple more, they’re up to Pe5 by now. Some of them from bourbon casks, some from sherry, some from the 80s, some from the 70s. I have absolutely no clue to when this was distilled, but the sherry character is rather obvious.

Although the ABV is rather high for such an old bottling, the peat scent coming off it is gentle. Some sweet citrus behind that (blood orange?) and the typical shammy leather scent from Port Ellen is here too. The sherry influence is slightly nutty with some light fruity tones. If you let it air for a while it gets heavier regarding the peat and fruit.

Port Ellen Pe1. Image from Whiskybase

Port Ellen Pe1. Image from Whiskybase

The palate is a lot sharper than the nose made me expect. Full, rich, lots of heavy fruit. Peach and apricot mainly. The fruit goes the opposite way here and becomes lighter if you let it swim for a while. Very spicy, very peaty.

The finish is gentle with a return of the shammy leather. It’s pretty long and also gives me a flavour of blood orange again.

This is a pretty tasty Port Ellen. A lucky shot when I bought this in our local booze emporium. I had no clue as to what I was getting in to, but thinking back to the days that a Port Ellen could be bought for ‘only’ € 135 or so makes me think of the strange world we live in. That’s only four years ago.

Anyway, of course this is long gone from the shops and if Whiskybase is to be believed this thing would set you back about € 350 now. I do believe they don’t update when there is no new link, so that might have changed a bit.

Port Ellen, Pe1, 58.7%, Elements of Islay, Specialty Drinks Ltd.

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