Blind Tasting Competition 1 – Bruichladdich 21yo, Carnival of Malt Valinch, 52.5%

The Blind Tasting Competition has started again. I posted some unboxing pictures yesterday but after being attended to my home address being visible on the box’s label, I decided to remove it.

Anyway, blind tasting is hard. Blind tasting and trying to find the right distillery, bottling, abv and age is ridiculously more tough. Especially when people start including rum finishes, from a distillery of which you mostly taste young stuff since the reopening it’s nigh impossible.

The score on indicates this too, since the highest scoring people got only 40 out of a 100 points for the first dram. I got 0. Everything wrong.

Bruichladdich Carnival of Malts, 21yo. Image from Whiskybase

Bruichladdich Carnival of Malts, 21yo. Image from Whiskybase

Tropical fruit with lots of peach and quite some vanilla. I also got some slate and a dusty kind of sweetness.

A LOT sharper than I expected it to be. After shaking the sample bottle I knew it was higher ABV, but the nose didn’t give much away. Lightly flavoured, but rather peppery. Not too much age to it, sweet, lots of vanilla again and fruit.

Quite some sweetness here too, but the white pepper is quite prominent. Minerally as well, like the slate on the nose. Chalk, very sweet lemon curd and not very long.

I went for Glenmorangie Astar, since the minerality and vanilla sweetness sent me to Glenmorangie and it being a very strong whisky, I picked a cask strength one. Of course, I was off by the entire breadth of Scotland.

I don’t feel overly ashamed, though. This kind of semi-rare stuff is hard to pin down, especially when Mr. McEwan’s aceing gets involved. I just hope for more points tonight.

The whisky itself is nice, but since this could, according to me be Astar just as well, I’d go for Astar. I like that dram and it’s about 3 times cheaper than this one, if you can even find this one…

Bruichladdich 21yo, Carnival of Malt Valinch, 52.5%, Bourbon and Rum Finish, 1992-2013. Should cost little over € 150


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