Blind Tasting Competition 14 – Teaninich 29yo, 1982-2012, 52.2% – Dewar Rattray

I should make some rectifications to what I said yesterday about the competition not being fun anymore. I discussed it with Ewald, who organizes most of it and came to the conclusion that it’s just the competing part that I stopped caring about. Tasting whisky without knowing what it is is stil fine! (Duh!)

Anyway, I did suggest the range of bottling years should be smaller and the ridiculous ‘Lepanto Brandy’ things should not be there. It’s a competition in which you try to find which distillery a dram is from, and in such cases that is just not possible.

Also, the average score is reflecting the impossibility of what is asked of us. 60% of the participants have not been able to get over 20% of the possible score. Also, even the top scoring people can’t get over 35% of the points (Last year it was 48%, the year before 39%)

Anyway, more about today’s dram. I recently said I was glad there weren’t many overpowering bourbon casks in it yet. Those whiskies that are just vanilla, and a tad of fruit. Today was one.

Teaninich 29(!). Image from Whiskybase

Teaninich 29(!). Image from Whiskybase

It starts a bit thin and coarse (quite a bit of alcohol I guess) and lots of vanilla. The ‘vla’ (which is the Dutch kind of custard, with corn starch instead of eggs) just jumps out of the glass. Quite some tropical fruit as well, with pineapple and banana. Maybe even some VERY sweet lemon curd.

Thin and dry to start, but turns sweet, juicy and creamy after a sec. Banana and vanilla again, with maybe some toffee as well. The slightest bit of oak with sweetened orange juice. Not too sharp, so maybe some age to it.

Fruit and vanilla, right? Right. Fairly straight forward with the pineapple being more pronounced than on the palate.

This is a dram that is likable but not overly interesting. This happens to me a lot and I have to watch out for those. I tend to go for those active bourbon casks, but lose interest before I’m halfway through the bottle I just blew my budget on. Anyway, interesting for a dram, but not more than that.

For some reason that reminds me of bottlings from The Bladnoch Forum and, to an extent (haven’t tried many of his bottlings) The Whisky Broker. I also found the flavours fitting for what I remember of Cragganmore, so that’s where my guess went.

And then the reveal. One surprise after the other. I guessed a 20 year old Cragganmore and assumed I was on the high side of the age spectrum. Then ‘Is Teaninich in the Highlands?’ I would have swore it was a Speysider. But now I know what it is, I remember it does have a similar fruit/vanilla profile as a 27 year old I finished earlier this year.

But I still can’t deal with the fact that this is 29 years old.

Teaninich 29yo, 1982-2012, 52.2%, Dewar Rattray. Available in Sweden for € 150


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