Blind Tasting Competition 18 – Longmorn 23, 52.6% – WIN

The grand finale!

After the first year I thought the last dram would be a rather spectacular one. Back then it was a rather spectacular Convalmore by Old Malt Cask. Last year I expected the last one to be the highlight of the tasting competition as well, but it wasn’t. A Speyburn that was okay, but not stellar.

This year I was hoping for something on the level of the first time around. And since I went with my more analytical style of tasting, which I should have done from the get-go, I was hoping to make good on some points.

A great Longmorn 23 by WIN. Image from Whiskybase

A great Longmorn 23 by WIN. Image from Whiskybase

At first I’m not sure whether this is a bourbon cask or not. It’s pretty strong on the nostrils so that doesn’t really help assessing. Fairly dry with a lot of baking spices. Wood spices and even some ground acorns. Grilled peach with a little blackened edge comes to mind. I’m going for a sherry cask by the way.

Dry and strong, but not too hot on the tongue. There’s some heat on the palate, but nothing overpowering. The dry, and slightly bitter, has more impact. I get red cinnamon, ginger and quite some oaky spices. The sweetness kicks in later, again with the peaches.

The finish shows some oak, and for some reason I have the feeling it’s American. Still sherried, but maybe a finish or an American oak sherry cask, nothing out of the ordinary. The spices are toned down a bit, as is the bitterness. The sweetness is more prominent but very tasty. Not too long on the sweetness, but the lessened dryness lasts quite a while.

So, trying to analyze away here. I’m thinking the ABV is around 52% or 53%. The rather extreme spiciness sends me towards the Highlands or Speyside, but that’s as good a guess as any. Distillery character? No clue. Could be anything I guess. Going for… Uhm… Caperdonich. Gambling the last possible points on the Tony Koehl edition. No clue why. I’m not familiar with Caperdonich from the 90s.

It turned out to be a Longmorn released by Whisky Import Nederland. At 23 years old this sold for under € 100 back then. Unfortunately I am not often in a position in which I can buy bottles without having tasted them first but I really, really regret that with this one. I wish I bought a case of these babies since it is a truly stellar whisky.

Everything is right, from the sweetness to the bitterness, the oak, the spices, and its wintry feel. Bummer, but at I scored some points! 10 for age, 20 for region and 16 for being close on the ABV!

Longmorn 23, 52.6%, 1988-2012, Whisky Import Nederland. Available in Italy for € 275


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3 Responses to Blind Tasting Competition 18 – Longmorn 23, 52.6% – WIN

  1. So this is the last of these posts? Shame – I’ve really enjoyed reading your analysis and process!

    Have a great xmas and NY, and hopefully see you soon mate!

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