Blind Tasting Competition 2: Glen Garioch 22yo, 1990-2013, 51.2% – Kintra Whisky

So yesterday I was off to a dubious start. Compared to last year it’s better since I’m actually getting some points in, but still, it feels a bit like the consolation prize by getting the region points. Especially since it was Speyside which covers about half of Scotland, distillery wise.

I did like the whisky, yesterday. That Longmorn wasn’t all bad, and I regret not buying some of the four casks that were released by Ultimate.

So, what’s next?

Glen Garioch 22yo by Kintra. Image from Whiskybase

Glen Garioch 22yo by Kintra. Image from Whiskybase

This is sharp on the nose and suggests quite a lot of alcohol (vigorous shaking and the remaining beads do so too). Quite green, with some unmalted barley, and some ‘sticky’ plants (just before the twigs get really woody, you know?). Vanilla and cheap reine claude lemonade. The green prunes continue if the initial blast of alcohol has wafted off. After which it gets quite a lot better, if you ask me. Some Granny Smith, oak and slightly bitter wood too. Some spices, and the lightest touch of vanilla.

The palate is surprisingly gentle, but my previous beverages might have something to do with that. After some seconds a heat of white pepper starts coming up, with some dry white oak behind it. Other spices too but hard to pinpoint. Granny Smith apples again, and those Reine Claude prunes. Highly consistent with the nose. Maybe some resin too. A waxy feel and some rather bitter notes going on.

The finish isn’t sharp but there is some heat to it that warms you up. The spices linger, as does the oak but the more fruity notes are gone quickly.

This does scream Highlands to me. I kind of rule out other categories, but with the Whiskybase regions Islands might also have a chance. I don’t get any peat so I can rule out some others there too. I’m thinking of the region just west of the Speyside with Glenmorangie, Clynelish and Glen Ord. An interesting dram and one that fits my palate after a hefty dinner (which is accurate, at the moment).

I initially estimated the ABV to be rather high, but with the palate as it is, I will have to tone that down a little bit. In this case I find the beading to be quite inconsistent to the way it tastes, especially compared to yesterday.

The strange thing is that after going back after a couple of minutes the whisky has changed completely again. A total shape shifter, so I’m not trusting my own notes at the moment. It does stay on the green notes though!

It turns out, if I would have gone for east instead of west of the Speyside, I would have been a lot closer and upon reconsideration, Glen Garioch seems a good fit. Another bottling from a Dutch company, namely Erik Molenaar’s Kintra Whisky. I think this might be one for the wish list, since I find a very intriguing whisky.

With this bottle being still available, and it being a 22 year old single cask from a rather cool distillery, I think the price tag of € 83 should be considered ‘only’ 83 bucks!

I tried this at the recent Whisky & Rum aan Zee festival, but not at the right time. If I did, I might have remembered it, since it is quite remarkable. Two guys from the club did remember it and got the full 100 points! Kudos!

Glen Garioch 22yo, 1990-2013, 51.2% – Kintra Whisky. Available at Jurgen’s Whiskyhuis


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