True Blood, or Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Cherry Brandy Liqueur 2014, 27.8%

When I first saw this sample I thought the chaps at Master of Malt had devised some new brand again. Some spin-off from the True Blood tv-show and this was their test batch…

True Blood. Tasted and assessed.

True Blood. Tasted and assessed.

Master of Malt and their infinite number of spin-off brands released this Cherry Brandy a little while ago and I got it in their freely dispensed Christmas Crackers pack. While I drank those with others I didn’t take any notes, but they stashed a Cracker in my order of FEW bottles (reviews of that will follow) so I did have a spare one enjoy and assess in one of the rare quiet moments I have.

I don’t have much to say about it except maybe that it is not made by distilling cherries, but rather making a brandy and macerating cherries in it. While this made me raise my eyebrows (I know some distillers like St. George in Alameda distill their fruits for their brandy), this is still a massive step up from regular cherry brandies that consist of neutral alcohol and artificial flavoring.

Still, this review will, of course, not be too in-depth, since I have no experience with cherry brandy or the likes. I just thought it nice for a change of pace to get it out there.

Cherry Brandy Liqueur

Cherry Brandy Liqueur

Well. Cherries, obviously. Massively so. Sour cherries I’d even say. Those slightly chewy ones you sometimes get in ice cream. Far behind that you can also pick up a sporadic hint of something else, which would be the brandy, I’d say.

Well. Cherries, obviously. Massively so. It’s far thicker than I expected. I do get more brandy notes now, but they are quickly covered by cherries again. It has an almost cough-syrup like consistency. I also get some minor wood notes and some spices that might be cherry stones. It’s very dessert-like.

Well. Cherries, obviously. Massively so. And everything I wrote down for the palate can be rehashed here. It does have quite a long aftertaste, but that thins slightly so it’s more cherry-lemonade like.

The color of this is blood red, hence my remark at the beginning of this post. It’s tasty, and it’s sticky. It would work fantastically in desserts I think. And probably in some cocktails as well, but Ben Ellefsen will probably tell you something about that at some point, if he hasn’t already.

Tasty stuff. Not too expensive either, but for me, having a whole bottle of this would be a bit much unless I would find other uses than ‘drinking it neat’ for it. It’s just a bit much on the cherry front.

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Cherry Brandy 2014, 27.8%. Available at Master of Malt for £ 32.95

Thanks to Master of Malt for sending this!

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