Aberfeldy 1999-2014, 46%, ‘Toffee Tuile’ – Wemyss

This week my first ever pack of samples from Wemyss arrived. A while ago I asked them politely if they were willing to include me on their sample list, as they do with many other bloggers. They kindly agreed, after some pruning of my blog I think.

The pack was incredibly well wrapped and had three samples in it. This Aberfeldy, a Bowmore and a Blair Athol. Those others will be reviewed shortly.

Now, Aberfeldy. One of the distilleries I have never bought anything of, except a sample of the 21 year old to get that crossed off from the first 101 Whiskies to try before you Die by Ian Buxton. It was nice, but you really had to search for individual flavors. It was so timid and gentle that I called it a whisky for people who don’t like whisky.

After that, I only had a bottling by David Stirk, which was rather good. Then it got quiet. They revamped their brand recently, and more things happened of course, but I couldn’t really be bothered. It’s not really my cup of tea, Aberfeldy is.

It’s got lots of oak and butterscotch. There are spices, toffee and crusty bread. It’s rather sweet and biscuity, with baking spices, but also some apple and some ‘green’ notes.

The palate is dry and has quite a lot of baking spices to it. Rather sharp for a 46% whisky too, but in a good way. Butterscotch and toffee again, hazelnut too. That green note is here again, green malt and granny smith apples. Because of that it comes of as slightly younger than 15 years old. Quite some oak though, and slightly bitter with caramel.

The finish is medium long with a bigger focus on the biscuits and bread crust, and other malty flavors.

I have to be honest and say that I was a bit skeptical about this whisky. Mostly because of my previous experiences with Aberfeldy. This one however, is at least aptly named since there are lots of crusty, biscuity flavors with heaps of butterscotch and caramel and toffee.

I love the slight bitterness on the finish too, and all flavors are well integrated with a nice progression from nose to palate to finish. This might not become my favorite whisky of the year, but it sure is nice.

This whisky is part of the March 2015 releases, but I haven’t been able to find it online yet, and don’t know what it’s going to cost yet.

Aberfeldy 1999-2014, 46%, ‘Toffee Tuile’, Wemyss

EDIT: It just became available at The Whisky Exchange at £ 80.95

Thanks to Wemyss for sending me this sample!

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1 Response to Aberfeldy 1999-2014, 46%, ‘Toffee Tuile’ – Wemyss

  1. Gal g says:

    Just tasted it. I love it!!!

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