Yoichi 15, 45%

Yesterday I finished this bottle. I’ve been enjoying it for a while and at some point the time comes to drink the last drop. The drawback of that is that my stash of Japanese whisky is shrinking rapidly. If you discard the ones that aren’t overly interesting (Yamazaki 12 comes to mind) there isn’t much left.

Add to that that most distilleries in Japan have announced sizable price hikes and Nikka at least has announced that quite a few of the Age Stated versions are going to disappear in favor of NAS editions. I think that kind of sucks, but it makes sense if Suntory can get away with increasing the Yamazaki 18 from € 80 to over € 200 in about three years.

Anyway, it’s all gone. I drank it. A lot of people at last weekend’s Usquebaugh Society party did too. It’s really good.

Image from Whiskybase

Image from Whiskybase

Really rich and heavy. Smoky too, some spices and a hint of vanilla. There’s quite a lot of oak but also curry. Some bitterness later on, in an espresso and dark chocolate way. It also has that typical ‘Japanese whisky’ hint of rancio.

The palate is still rich, but also gentle. Peat and smoke. Slightly rugged, somehow (coal fired, maybe…). I think I’m also getting some sweet orange and tea. A bit like Lagavulin actually. Chocolate again.

The rancio from the nose is back again. In full swing. It’s good. The finish isn’t very long but it shows quite a lot of oak, with mostly smoke and peat.

This is a much better dram than I thought it was a year ago. Somehow I had sort of forgotten about it since it was in the back of the cupboard in the Japanese section being all overshadowed by Karuizawa and some single cask Nikkas. That was a bit justified by the greatness of those drams, but I should have given this one more credit.

The rancio and peat flavors combine very well and make for a very, very rich whisky. Even at 45% this one packs some serious flavor. I’m really loving it, in short. It’s a bit like a Lagavulin 16 with a twist.

Yoichi 15, 45%. Available around different shops starting at € 105 in Germany to € 150 in The Netherlands. € 150 is a lot…


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2 Responses to Yoichi 15, 45%

  1. I aldo find it to be a great dram! I wonder – how do you describe “rancio”? For me it is that mushroom note you can get from sherry Casks and if its too much its as if they have been cookies with rancid butter. A touch is nice but too much is horrid.

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