Glenburgie 1983-2012, 28yo, 54.3% – Signatory Cask Strength for The Nectar

Another wee bottle share I did a little while ago. There are a couple of groups on Facebook in which you can sell your own bottles and this one popped up in there a little while ago. I decided to buy it since it was affordable and started a share right away.

It didn’t take long to fill up since whisky of this age doesn’t come around that often, and especially not at ‘just’ € 140 for a bottle. Samples were made and shipped and then I just had to find a moment to drink a dram of what I had left.

Most of Glenburgie’s spirit goes towards blenders, Ballantine’s uses a lot of it. There aren’t many official bottlings, but there’s quite a few independents out there.

Image from Whiskybase

Image from Whiskybase

It start with rich, old whisky right away. It seems heavy on the first sniff but quickly becomes a lot lighter and more fresh. Very old fashioned with hints of cinnamon and oak. Some sweet citrus, blood orange without any bitterness. Mint, Granny Smith apples. It even becomes a bit cocoa like later on.

The palate is slightly tingling and dry, but quite big for a twenty-eight year old. Mint and oak with a light fruitiness. Some spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Pear, star apple and sweet citrus.

Full and rich, without being heavy. There’s fruit, oak, spices. Mint, citrus, very consistent with the palate.

Well, the guy I bought it from should not have sold this I think. This is a dram to be enjoyed and it is awesome. Really, really awesome. I now think I shouldn’t have shared it either. My 10 cl will go fast, most likely.

The complexity is great, without being very demanding. There’s a lot to discover and all flavors are nice and contribute to each other, even though at first sight they might be conflicting a little bit (mint and citrus…)

I don’t think I  can tell you enough how good this is. It just ticks all my boxes for great whisky with all flavors that are going on. I think I might keep an eye out for oldies like this, from Glenburgie. Luckily it’s not a very popular distillery so prices might be acceptable.

Glenburgie 28, 26/10/1983 – 09/10/2012, Hogshead, 54.3% – Signatory Cask Strength collection for The Nectar Belgium. Available at Crombé for € 158

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