Ireland 1991-2015, 23yo, 54.9% – The Nectar of the Daily Dram

For little over a year now Irish whiskey’s have become vastly more popular than they were for years. At least, to malt whisky fanatics that is. Irish whiskey has always had its fair share of fans for Jameson, Redbreast and a lot of other brands.

Since independent bottlers started focusing on the emerald isle, however, things have picked up a notch or two. The undisclosed single malts that have been released are, simply put, all great. All of them.

The ones that are beyond great and are truly stunningly awesome drams are the 20-something year old bottlings coming from a slew of bottlers. The Nectar of the Daily Drams is one of the bigger parties in this, even though Adelphi was at it earlier with their Limerick bottlings.

At Maltstock, Jürgen Vromans brought a series of these drams for sampling. Unfortunately it wasn’t a masterclass and he was one of the folks who had drams available for a little extra money. Still, things were affordable and although I generally don’t want to spend any money at Maltstock, I bought a sample of this one for taking home. A fiver well spent, I’d say.

Although it’s all undisclosed single malt, there are just two options for this, them being Bushmills and Cooley. The story goes that Bushmills distilled some peated spirit for Cooley in their startup year, but this one from after that period (and unpeated), so my guess is that this is Cooley.

Image from Whiskybase

Image from Whiskybase

The nose is very light and fruity. Quite estery. Some apple and fresh pear, with dried pineapple. There’s hints of barley too, and almost no oak to speak of. I get a hint of lemon on the background.

The palate is a bit sweeter than the nose made me expect, and there’s more vanilla than there was on the nose. The pear and apple are back, as is the pineapple but I’m not getting the hint of lemon. Quite spicy after a few seconds of swimming, some white pepper heat. Behind it all is a clear flavor of simple syrup.

The finish is rather nice and quite long. The barley is a little more outspoken and there’s some fruit. Not overly exciting.

Weird. Honestly, I’m a little disappointed by this one. Maybe because I know some others are a lot better than this. Having said that, this is a very relative statement. Mostly because this whisky still is very, very good. It’s just not as good as some others.

Still, if I’d have spent the original € 130 on it, I’d be a happy camper and I’d gladly go through the bottle. The fruity hints that you want from an Irish whiskey of this age are present and there’s almost no oak influence to speak of, which is nice.

Ireland 1991-2015, 23yo, 54.9%, The Nectar of the Daily Dram. Long gone…


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