Dictador 1976, 40 years old, cask SHC 394, 46.4%

Some months ago I blogged about a rum bottle share that more or less lacked in interestingness. There were various levels of quality and age to those rums, but the similarity between all of them was that I wouldn’t spend my money on them again.

On the back of that bottle share I ordered a bottle of this Dictador, to see a different level of rum at a decent price. The strange thing is that this stuff went for ‘only’ 150 euros a pop, while a rum from an independent bottler at half the age goes for the same. I’m not sure why the discrepancy is so huge.

Anyway, it’s the oldest rum I ever had, and this made me a bit worried at the same time as enthusiastic. I tried some rums at 25 and 30 years old some years ago and those weren’t for me. Maybe that was the age? Or maybe something else. Let’s find out!

dictador_best_of_1976_46_4__70cl-6570There’s a very sweet, liqueur like scent to it. Thick and sugary with a whiff of alcohol too. Mocha and milky coffee, with hints of chocolate and oak. Some roasted almonds. There’s a lot going on, and it’s not shy either. Very late on the nose I get some caramel notes.

The palate is sweet with sugary syrup. ‘Real rum’ with the cane sugar hints. Mocha again, with milk chocolate and raisins. It gets a bit dryer and less sugary. There’s a slight spicy hint which, combined with the taste of chocolate (and this being from South America) makes me think of mole.

The mole flavors continue on the finish, with the mocha being a little more in the background. Sugar and caramel. It’s quite dry and ridiculously long.

Well, this is something else. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything that is similar to this beauty. All the flavors are awesome and there’s a lot to discover here, a lot of different nuances and hints. Luckily I really like mocha and mole!

I can’t believe this kind of booze is available at 40 years old with a price tag of ‘only’ 150 euros. I bottle shared this one too, but I might have been better of keeping it all to myself. Especially now it’s been quite a while since I actually tasted it, I want another glass and there’s none left. Bummer!

Editor’s note: there seem to be some left in my home town.


Dictador Best of 1976, 40 years old, cask SHC 394, 46.4%. Available for some 150 to 160 euros.


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