Inchmoan 25yo, 1992-2017, 48.6%

Inchmoan is not really a brand that many people know of. It’s one of the lesser known names used for spirit by the Loch Lomond distillery, with Loch Lomond and Inchmurrin being the more public ones.

Inchmoan is Loch Lomond’s peated whisky but there isn’t much out there. Whiskybase only knows of 13 bottlings, which is close to the most obscure brands out there, for contemporary Scottish brands.

This whisky was used by Rob of De Whiskykoning in one of his tastings. That was September 2017, and I still have the tasting notes for the entire tasting lying around somewhere. With every intention to blog about it at some point. Together with over a hundred scribbled notes, I think.

Straight forward oak, light smoke and marram grass. Ginger, sawdust, bark.

Gentle, with lots of dry and dusty oak. Dusty spices with powdered ginger, but also dried grasses, sawdust, and a whiff of smoke.

Slightly coastal, smoky and smooth. Dried grass, maybe some lemongrass. Ginger. Slightly asian, in regards to the style of spices.

This is a cracking whisky. Obviously I think that since I bought the bottle back then and only shared a few samples. I’m very glad I did, as I sit here drinking one the last drams that are going to come from it. The flavors I’d normally associate with the west coast of Scotland are all here. It’s rather coastal, with all kinds of dry grasses and windswept dunes. Surprisingly since Loch Lomond is quite a ways inland.

Anyway, a great whisky and I’m glad I’m not the only one to think so. Both Serge and Angus rated it 90 points as well.


Inchmoan 25yo, 1992-2017, Refill Bourbon Barrels, 48.6%. Around € 225-240 or so


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