Glenmorangie 19, Finest Reserve, 43%

I somehow don’t review too many Glenmorangies, while I do really like the distillery’s output. This not reviewing many is mostly because their core range is very stable and they don’t do too many special releases. Also, a lot of their special releases are very old and expensive.

Apparently, this Finest Reserve is considered part of their core range, but before it was offered as a share in one of the groups I’m in, I hadn’t heard about it. Of course, it’s bottled at 43%, but with a very decent age statement.

These low alcohol drams take some extra time to taste, since my palate generally has to adjust a little bit after a long time of drinking cask strength stuff. Especially drams that are more about the subtleties instead of simple straight forwardness.


Image from Whiskybase

Massively malty and very gentle. Lots of dusty grains and a very gentle oakiness. Peach stones and apple cores. So, fruity with a bitter edge. Some caramel sweetness with a bit of a sugary jam like note. Stroopwafels.

Sweet and syrupy on arrival. A very light bitter tinge again, but mostly fruity (peaches, apples, tinned pears). Lots of barley and grist too, so a bit of a dry texture.

The finish is more fruity, with blackberries and blueberries. Apples and peaches too. Lots of oak, far more than before, and of course the barley is still around.

I’d not be unhappy if I had bought a bottle, but I’m equally pleased with just a sample. Very easily drinkable, and there’s nice flavors. Also, it’s rather typical for Glenmorangie to be this apple-y and barley driven. Good stuff.


Glenmorangie Finest Reserve, 19 years old, 43%. Available at around € 120 in limited places.


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