Glen Albyn 23, 1978-2001, 43% – Signatory Vintage

Glen Albyn distillery was one of the three Inverness distilleries, that have all closed down during the 1980s. The other two are Glen Mhor and Millburn. I’ve only seen Millburn in passing by, it’s a restaurant now. Both Glen Mhor and Glen Albyn have been demolished.

With Glen Albyn being a malt that was mainly used for blending, as far as I know, there aren’t too many bottlings around. I’ve not tried many, to say the least.

Let’s see if this sample size of one gives us an idea whether or not it should have stayed open…

Image from Whisky Antique

Pretty aromatic, with quite some oak, and very classical with hints of honey an heather. A touch coastal. Gentle herbs ‘de Provence’, with a hint of vanilla. Well balanced.

The palate is very smooth, with lots of oaky notes. There’s pastry cream, wood, herbs, thyme, oregano, sweet apples, pears.

The finish is a tad more dry, a tad more coastal. Oak, herbs, vanilla and apples.

Interestingly, there isn’t much that I’m going to remember this whisky by. It’s very classical, and therefore not unique. However, what it does, it does very well. I like the classic highlands notes of honey and heather. I like it even more that there’s a whiff of coastal character to go with it.

So, all in all it’s a very solid dram. But, with this at almost € 400 (most recent price), the quality isn’t there to warrant the price tag. Obviously and understandably, the price is based mostly on rarity.


Glen Albyn 23, 22/02/1978 – 06/04/2001, cask 696, 43%, Signatory Vintage.


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