Lichtburg, 15 year old Single Malt Irish Whiskey, 2005-2020, Armagnac Cask 2003, 57.5% – Rolf Kaspar

Of course, this an independent Irish whiskey without it stating from which distillery it comes.

There’s a bit too much other information on the label though. It’s called Lichtburg for some arbitrary reason. It’s also labeled both as ‘Marika Single Cask’, and ‘Historic Series No. 1’, and it’s from bottler Rolf Kaspar. So, in a way it has four names, without a distillery…

Image from Whiskybase

Anyway, a 15 year old Irish whiskey is quite promising. I generally like these whiskies, especially if they have a little bit less sweetness than the 25 year old (or older) Irish whiskies of the last couple of years.

It’s quite spirity for a 15 year old whisky, with some sharp green and woody edge. Green malt, surprisingly. I think I’m getting a whiff of blue grapes and a bit of nectarine.

The palate starts rather smooth, but soon the peppery heat kicks in. It’s quite sharp, but it does have a little bit of syrupy sweetness. It gets a bit dryer with a few seconds of time. There’s a light fruitiness too, grapes, apple, nectarine.

The finish is a little bit sweeter than the palate. It’s still a bit spirity, but not as green as before. More hints of malt, some malty sweetness, still quite fruity.

Strangely, it shows a note of green malt on the nose, which is not something used in single malt whisky. The combination of spirit throughout, and the fruitiness is quite nice.

The combination of the sweetness and the dry palate is interesting. The way the malt comes across is too. A very Irish whiskey in style, without the cloying sweetness. I like it!



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