Strathearn 4, 2014-2018, Ex-Sherry Cask 075, 56.6% – OB for Dutch Whisky Festival

The first edition of Dutch Whisky Festival came with a bottling of their own. In the end I didn’t end up going to the festival, although I don’t exactly remember why. Probably because of me or my wife being ill or something.

I did get a bottle as a thank you for building their website, so thanks to the organization for this! Of course, I opened it, spread some of the love around in a tasting and finished it quite recently. Bottles generally last a while…

I don’t know much about Strathearn, except that they seem to take a rather artisinal approach with all kinds of experiments that don’t get the ‘single malt’ label in the end. Things about apple wood maturation and such. I quite like these things, even though they don’t always end up tasting great. I like the experimentation that doesn’t stray too far from what whisky is supposed to be.

Strathearn 2014
Image from Whiskybase

Let’s see what a four year old whisky from a new distillery is about!

A strong spirit from quite an active sherry cask. The wood brings dried fruit and some dry spices. Cinnamon sticks, clove and a touch of powdered ginger. A bit of mossy green from the spirit.

The spirit is dry and sharp with some chili heat. Sawdust, powdered spices and some almond bitterness. Some walnuts, apricot and leather.

The finish is more gentle and shows a bit more spirity fruit. More peach and mango, with warm oaky notes.

What is interesting is that even though it’s a rather active cask that was used, the mossy and green spirit still comes through. The combination of a young spirit and the dried fruits works well in this case, so a good pick by Dutch Whisky Festival!

On a side note, this year I’m going! It’s about time!


Of course, this is sold out by now…


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