Westport 12, 2004-2016, Sherry Butt 900053, 54.3% – Wilson & Morgan

This one has to start with a bit of clarity.

Westport is a randomly chosen name used for certain blended malts. These blended malts are always (with a grain of salt, since there’s no definite certainty on it, due to it being ‘chosen’) a moniker for tea-spooned Glenmorangie.

So, while they can’t officially tell you it’s a Glenmorangie, since there’s a tenth of a percentage of other stuff in there too, it should be considered as such. So, we’re talking about a sherry cask matured Glenmorangie.

That sherry cask is worth mentioning, since the whisky has the color of straw, and there would have been no indication about sherry having been in the same cask based on that. Let’s find out if we can discover that elsewhere.

Image from Whiskybase

Lots of dry floral notes. Straw, dried flowers, dandelion. It moves towards barley quickly, and even some oak shavings. A bit more dry than I’d expect from a Glenmorangie. There’s a bit of a mineral astringency in it, like Sauvignon Blanc without the fruitiness. Pebbles and ferns.

The palate is a bit more sweet than the nose suggested, although there’s also a lot more bite than I expected too. The peppery style of heat with an added dryness of the whisky’s character bite rather fiercely. Still, some straw and dried flowers, with barley and apple pie.

The finish is, once again, a bit more sweet, a bit more typical of the distillery. There’s still some straw, but the focus is more towards pastry, apple pie mostly. Barley, some honey is there. Not without a bite on the way out either.

The answer is no. I can’t find the sherry cask here. It doesn’t bring any of the baking spices, nor the dried fruit or the richer notes you generally associate with a sherry cask. Of course, this could be an Nth fill instead of anything fresh, but then I don’t see the point of mentioning it.

Still, the whisky itself, despite not being overly sherry-cask-definable, is rather solid. It’s a bit atypical for the Glenmorangie that we’re associating this with, but there are enough interesting flavors passing the revue for another sip.

So, yes, it’s pretty good, although anything but typical.



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