Burnside 25, 1996-2021, Hogshead 2176, 54.7% – Archives

And not just any Archives, but a bottling for the Canadian market. It’s not labeled with a Samoan fish, which seems to be the main go-to style. This one has a British dragonfly on the label.

Image from Whiskybase

Burnside then. This isn’t a distillery and is usually used for tea-spooned Balvenie. This means that it, for tasting purposes, can be regarded as an independent Balvenie. However, for legal purposes, there’s a tea spoon of Glenfiddich added to it, which makes it neither a Balvenie nor a Single Malt, officially.

Interestingly, the whisky industry has more or less agreed upon the names for tea-spooned malts like this. Burnside is Balvenie, Westport is Glenmorangie, Wardhead is Glenfiddich. There probably are more that I can’t remember at the moment.

Brioche and honey, a surprisingly sweet single malt. Toast with apricot jam and, somehow, pine cones.

Gentle without being weak. There’s a tinge of a dry, oaky bite. Definitely some sweeter oak notes, with the apricots from before. Not the toast though. Honey sweetness, pine and resin, with a syrupy mouthfeel.

The finish brings a different kind of wood. More like old casks, some vanilla and dunnage warehouses. Still that pine and honey combination.

Generally I don’t like too sweet whiskies, but this one… damn. Perfectly balanced between all kinds of flavors, with that honey sweetness to bring it all together.


Available in the secondary market for around € 250


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