Benromach 10, 2011-2021, First Fill Sherry Hogshead 42, 59.2% – OB for Van Wees 100th Anniversary

With Van Wees being the importer of Benromach, and the massive popularity of the brand, there just had to be a private cask for Van Wees’ 100th birthday. They opted for a 10 year old at cask strength, and knowing Benromach it’s a strong one. Getting to know Van Wees more and more with these casks, it seems to be expected for it to be a sherry cask too. Just like the Strathisla and Miltonduff.

I am actually a bit surprised this is still available. Of course it’s a single cask just for The Netherlands, but they tend to go a lot faster, in my experience. Might there be a bit of Benromach product fatigue? There have been quite a few releases over the last couple of years.

Anyway, tasting notes to something you might actually get your hands on at the time of writing! It’s not that often that that happens.

Image from Whiskybase

Funky, fruity, quite some oak. Peaches and matches. Very typical for Benromach. Hessian and dried apple, some oak and a bit of baking spices. Rich, malted barley and a whiff of chocolate.

A very rich palate, with a fierce chili heat and hessian dryness. Baking spices, dried peach, sawdust, cinnamon.

Rather long, but quite mellow compared to the palate. There’s some malty sweetness, combined with some dried peach and apple.

If you expect this to be something extraordinary in the literal sense of the word, you’ll be disappointed. This is exactly what you would expect of a ten year old Benromach from a sherry cask.

It’s rather good, and I love that the distillery is so loyal to their style. Contrary to some other brands that cater to a lot of styles with their whiskies, Benromach does one things and it does it well. The various casks finishes, age statements and editions out there are all variations within a rather narrow bandwidth. Luckily, it’s a very good bandwidth.

The funkiness works well for me, to the surprise of approximately no one, as does the combination of a not so intense sherry cask with a great spirit. Very well picked. Although, I might have to get back with a drop of water, because it does drink quite hot.


About € 95 in stores across The Netherlands.


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