Clynelish 23, 1995-2019, Refill Sherry Butt 11252, 55.4% – Signatory for The Whisky Exchange

While initially it seemed like 1997 was going to be one of ‘those’ vintages for Clynelish, by now it seems to have been surpassed by 1995. Especially by Signatory bottlings, to be a little bit more precise.

A while ago I reviewed one my father-in-law has, and now I got the chance to taste another cask, bottled for The Whisky Exchange’s 20th anniversary. Of course, there being a 20th anniversary only reminds me of how long I’ve been at this nonsense, because over 10 years ago, I did quite some reviews to the 10th anniversary. Back when ridiculously old whisky was still a little bit more affordable…

Back then, there was Karuizawa, Glenglassaugh, Hakushu, Linkwood, and more. Back then, when a bottle of Karuizawa 1982 would set you back € 150… This same bottle of Karuizawa is now available in America for € 15,000. 100 times as expensive as it used to be.

But, back to this Clynelish before I get too depressed.

Image from Limited Whisky Investment

Gentle sherry with tropical fruits. Some notes of orange, orange peel, resin and beeswax. Not a lot of oak, but there’s a hint of banana too.

The palate has a bit of a dry and corky palate. There’s lots of fruit and resiny pinecones. Apple seeds, grape seeds, but also mango and dried peaches.

The finish is more fruity. Lots of fresh tropical stuff. Quite long, less dry, still quite waxy.

The combination of the various fruits, and the fruitiness is varied, with the resin and beeswax works very well. I also really like that there’s tropical fruit and more ‘local’ fruit in the form of apples and grapes. It makes for a more layered experience, more different flavors to be discovered.

Compared to the one linked to earlier, this one feels a little bit more timid. A very good whisky, but not the best of the 1995 Signatories out there. Close, though!


Available at a German whisky investment company for € 400


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