Glen Elgin 12, 1985-1997, 56.4% – SMWS (85.9)

I double checked the label to see whether or not I missed something. There’s no weird nonsensical name on it, which, I thought, was the SMWS’s schtick from the start. Apparently that’s something from later iterations of rebranding.

Anyway, a 12 year old Glen Elgin, from yonder year. I kind of like Glen Elgin when done well. Of course, that goes for every whisky, but with Glen Elgin there can be something quite unique and delicious about it. It’s more of a ‘highland style’ whisky than a lot of other Speysiders, it steers away from sweeter notes and is slightly more foresty and crisp. If done well.

Image from Whiskybase

I’ve also had Glen Elgins that were so thin and flavorless that you almost start thinking it was matured in stainless steel. Anyway, let’s see where this one takes us!

Lots of grassy notes. Green malt, hay, freshly cut grass. Gentle oak and dried herbs. Pear peels, lychee, wild peaches.

Quite mature, lots of white pepper and a massive dryness. Crisp apples, pear skins, lychee, wild peach. Some oak and fresh grass.

A very old fashioned finish with white fruit and lots of grassy notes again. Slightly sweet, towards the end.

Initially there were mostly grassy notes. That’s fine but not the style I’m looking for. As in, I like those notes, but not if it is only those. Luckily, there were some light fruits added to the mix as well. And good ones at that! Lots of good flavors happening here with lychees and wild peaches.

Of course, this is a bottle you have to get in auction, it being released 25 years ago and such…



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