Lagavulin 19, Feis Ile 2019, Sherry Treated American Oak Casks, 53.8%

Another Lagavulin for Feis Ile! I knew I had this on the shelf, and I had carefully sipped from my sample before, but never got around to writing a review yet. A good thing that a holiday came up a little while ago!

Sherry Treated means that the casks have contained sherry before, but not for the maturation of said sherry. The only put it in to give the whisky a bit of a different flavor. Of course, American oak is used in the sherry industry a lot nowadays, since European oak is far more rare, far more impractical (less straight growing) and therefore far more expensive.

This one does have quite a significant age to it, at 19 years old. It makes for one of the older Lagavulins of recent years, except for the Casks of Distinction (here and here).

Image from Whiskybase

A very ‘south east Islay dram’ with hint of tar and creosote. Coastal salinity with fishing nets. So, wet rope too. Barley and peat smoke. It could as well be Ardbeg. A very gentle nose, actually, with lots to be discovered.

The palate is a bit lighter than I expected with less complexity. Smoke, oak shavings, barley, a bit of tar. Ever so slightly ashy with a hint of ‘grey pepper’ (a mix of black and white)

The finish amps up the harbor and tar, smoke and ash. Not complex, but not a punch in the gut either.

A very Ardbeggy Lagavulin. Which means that I find more sooty notes than I’m used from the distillery. The typical flavors of tea and orange are almost entire missing, which is something I normally get from the 16 year old. And this is just a couple of years older with a rather similar (I would assume) maturation.

Having said that, it does make it a bit more interesting, since that means it’s something different, and less of a slightly different take on the regular stuff.


Available in various places, for varying prices starting at € 419


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